2016-17 - Click here found under Wrestling Notes right column

Oct 15 Bulletin - Manual corrections and reporting to the table
Nov 15 Bulletin - Many discussion issues and Merkle and eye poke reviewed
Dec 9 Bulletin - Hair coverings - the changing look to the equipment
Dec 15 Bulletin - General information, case manual discussions, additional explainations and clarifications



Bulletins of information from the OWOA for 2013-14
Dec 23 Bulletin
- Ladies uniforms, Middle School information and Extra matches at events
Oct 15 Bulletin
- Illegal leg turn/heal trap
Nov 1 Bulletin - Clasp hand violation around the body
Nov 15 Bulletin - Rule 5-7 defaults
Nov 27 Bulletin - Appropriate uniforms for girls, start of match, electronic devices, and default
Dec 1 Bulletin - New Near Fall Situation or Same Near Fall